Friday, September 12, 2008

John Sidney Mugabe

It's enough to get one paranoid: voting machines that can be hacked in seconds; GOP schemes to suppress the vote, like this one calling for a massive, last-minute purge of the voter rolls, like this one to deny the vote to those who've been foreclosed, or just make them afraid to got to the polls (especially in largely black districts): the appointment Hans von Spakovsky, noted foe of voters, to the Civil Rights Commission, or the rigging of ballots so as to hide the closely contested Mississippi Senate race from the many black voters who will come out to support Obama, and of course the undeniable bias among all the news corporations towards the billionaire-friendly Republicans. Maybe this last accounts for the fact that though new Democrats are registering at record rates, the polls and news stories all have the Presidential race as a dead heat.

Now if I were really paranoid I'd say we have a harmonic convergence of people who want the race to be close, rather than the massive repudiation of Republicanism that logic and history would seem to dictate. The news people want it because it's good for ratings. Their bosses want it becuase Republicans are good for rich people. And the Republicans want it desperately because if the race seems close going in then people might again stand around passively as those among us who can be Fooled All The Time get their way again, with a little help from many friends at Diebold, "Justice," the Supreme Court et cetera.

But I'm not that paranoid. Stolen elections, that can't happen here. No way.


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