Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mommy Dearest Imelda Helmsley Tammy Faye Palin

Why don't the Dummocrats get it? There are plenty of simple narratives to hang on Sarah Palin and so show McCain up for the judgment-impaired, doddering curmudgeon he clearly is. Sarah Palin is unfit for any public office, unfit for the governorship and clearly not due for promotion.

Imelda: She lines her pockets with taxpayer money. Wouldn't you like to get paind to sleep in your own bed? To make props of your children at public events?

She loves rolling in the earmark trough and then claiming to disdain Washington's handouts.

She's too radical: before she was even sworn in she tried to have her town librarian ban books, and then fired her for refusing to do so.

She's psycho: went on a jihad against her ex-brother-in-law and fired a safety commisioner, and another trooper in the messy spillover of her personal life. She had to be warned by a judge to back off! This is Plamegate and the U.S. Attorney scandal waiting to happen again. Will she bring back Scooter Libby and Abu Gonzales?

She's is a serial liar: she can't open her mouth without telling an obvious and easily disproved lie: Bridge to Nowhere, plane sold on E-Bay, Barack never authored anything, etc. etc. etc.

She's as clueless and ready to spout whatever lies the speechwriters put in her mouth as Bush.

She dragged her knocked up teenage daughter into the national spotlight with utter disregard for the consequences to said daughter.

She wants to have Creationism taught in schools. She believes Adam and Eve disported with the dinosaurs 5000 years ago. She believes in abstinence only sex ed. (So did Bristol.)
Say these simple things often enough and then get back to things like -- Phil Gramm, McCain's chief economic adviser, is the architect of the current mortgage meltdown. It's no skin off Phil's nose - he's rich -- ditto McCain. But how's that working for you?

Finally: McCain is a very old 72. His service to our country has earned him a plush retirement with his heiress wife, rather than an early death from the strain of higher office. Let's give those pleasant years to him and spare ourselves the apocalyptic train-wreck of a Palin Presidency.


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