Friday, August 29, 2008

Monica Goodling Wasn't Available?

Sarah Palin? Really? Former mayor of 6000. Wants Creationism to be taught in the classroom. Likely to get slimed in very personal abuse-of-office scandal. Tool of oil industry. Rabid anti-sexer. But also beauty pageant bimbo. Supports aerial hunting of bears and wolves. I can see why Dick Cheney might like to have her around, in some capacity or other, but she underscores the statistical likelihood of McCain's death in office, while undercutting the increasingly specious "experience" argument, which is about all McCain has beside the increasingly annyoing subject-verb-POW reflex.

What is that tremulous, fearful yet rather pleasant sensation I'm having? Could it be hope?

In any case I fearlessly predict that she will not, in fact, be on the ticket in November.


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