Friday, March 28, 2008

Bush III, or What He Said

The Democrats need to start working the refs right now, I think, because St. John is morphing into the Unifier in the minds of the asslickers. We need to shout down and spit upon the people who insist that McCain is somehow different or even better than Bush. Repeat after me: Just as crooked. Just as dishonest. Meaner, not smarter. Bush III.

From Glen Greenwald in Salon:

Just as was true for Bush in 2000, McCain is running at a time when the Republican brand is sullied (in 2000 because of the ugly Gingrich/impeachment crusades and in 2008 because of the destructive Bush years). Thus, McCain is being politically marketed in exactly the same way that Bush the presidential candidate was (he's a uniter not divider; a new kind of Republican; you always know where he stands; he's a conservative who deviates from dogma and appeals to Democrats; he transcends partisanship; we're going to be a more humble nation, etc. etc.). It's exactly the same wrapping. And the media believed all of that about Bush and they now believe it all about McCain.


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