Saturday, May 19, 2007

Moralists Are Invariably Monsters: Edition 16,661

Ted Klaudt, hideously unattractive Republican politician and would be regulator of vaginas everywhere seems to have been caught with a speculum in the underage cookie jar -- and he's not even a doctor! Tristero gives us the rundown of his fascist legislative record.

At the risk of a repating myselfg while also plagiarizing my own comment at Hullabaloo I offer the following:

It's certainly the case that moralists are almost always monsters. It's just far easier, and hence infinitely more fun, to be someone else's conscience than to listen to the dictates of your own.

This urge to legislate morality is precisely the same eversive confusion as projection. I wonder if there is some definitive study on this phenomenon, in the vein of the study which showed high levels of homoerotic arousal among homophobes. I'd like to see a study that answered this question: To what degree is prohibitionism (especially the sexual forms) correlated with transgression, or troubling transgressive impulse?

Christopher Hedges (in "American Fascists") eloquently makes the case that "Fascism is a cult of masculinity." Look at the ten fratboys of the GOP debates and it's abundantly clear that "conservatism" is a cuklt of masculinity too. I leave it to others to decide if "conservatism" then = fascism. But certainly there is abundant evidence that the propulsive force of the GOP is erection of and appeal to a deeply neurotic, insecure and hypercompensating macho


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