Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Cult

Not to sound like a feminazi or anything, but one has to wonder how strongly correlated a patriarchal theology is with monarchy. I mean if the universe was decreed by some big guy in the sky (who had a son on Earth without deigning to defile himself with a woman) from whom all rectitude proceeds, doesn't belief in Him tend to bleed into practical beliefs? If the God/Angels/Prophets/Saints/Vicars/Righteous/Sinners/Damned/Temptors hierarchy undergids all existence, shouldn't we more or less replicate that hierarchy in our government? And don't we basically tend to, consciously or not?

Certainly one of the effects of traditional religion is to infantilize us -- for we are all God the Father's children. And we see that patriarchal cosomology mirrored in the "Conservative" agenda. The people need a leader. Even if he lacks wisdom, learning, and ethics, claiming for himself only the nebulous (and circular) virtue of leadership, we should follow the man.

But isn't leadership, and aren't leaders, incimical to democracy? Free adult citizens do not elect leaders; they elect representatives. But fools, who seem to comprise the slim majority of humankind, must find someone among them to worship, somebody with miraculous abilities....

Last question: when did "Conservatism" become a cult?


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