Friday, April 28, 2006

A Not-so-Fearless Prediction

Below is my latest paranoid vision; drawn out into sufficient detail it could be frightening enough to be a script treatment. Unfortunately, real life will almost surely make it unproduceable, long before it could ever screen.

W and company have every intention of nuking Iran, because, as I have said before, they need the fog of war to cover up their incompetence and corruption. The closer we get to bringing accountability to this bunch, the more likely a pre-emptive strike -- pre-empting democracy at home, not threat from abroad. Something will go up in a bunker-buster's mushroom cloud and immediately thereafter all American access to Moslem-controlled oil terminates. Our economy craters almost immediately, since it's wholly predicated on unlimited access to cheap oil. The resultant misery and chaos (as we suddenly can barely deliver or refrigerate food, pump or purify water, heat or cool our homes etc. etc. etc.) makes the Depression look like a bad hair day. Radical action must be taken. Manifest Destiny II clearly dictates that we must spread democracy by seizing the world's great oil fields. It's not a problem swelling the ranks of the army, since everyone now needs a job. And away we go. Russia and China, with plenty of nukes and energy agendas of their own don't necessarily agree with the Decider on this one....


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