Friday, April 21, 2006

We Need Somebody to Burn....

I have no deep conern for Mr. Moussaoui's welfare. He's clearly a terrorist wannabe, one of the world's great losers, somebody for whom murderous martyrdom is preferable to nonentity. In that respect he's much like the pimply assholes who shoot up their high schools. In a perfectly just world these sorts would be rounded up and euthanized (by veterinarians) before they had a chance to hurt others. Alas we have no positive pre-crime unit to find them yet -- just the negative variety that recruits such people and exploits them.

But I am rather disgusted by the "Justice" Department's fetishistic desire to execute Moussaoui for the deaths September 11, 2001 -- something which he clearly had absolutely nothing to do with. (Much as Saddam, too, had nothing to do with it.) But it goes to illustrate the maxim: The more shocking the crime the more likely a lynching.

I'm quite sure that the jury will be swayed by the irrelevant, shameless and balatant appeal to sentiment the prosecutors put on, parading the families of 9/11 victims through the courtroom. Moussaoui will get his wish, he will be executed and martyred, and America will be further dishonored by having killed someone for something he didn't do.


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