Thursday, April 20, 2006

Twilight of the Lootocracy?

So, Karl Rove is stepping down as policy maven. Two thoughts about that: One -- there has really only been one policy among this band of sociopaths. Once one understands this it functions nicely as a grand unifying theory of all things Bush. The policy in five words: Create diversion; loot the treasury.

Two -- all members of the inner circle understand that if the American people ever grasp even the smallest implications of this, the lives of the administration figures are effectively over. There can be no Congressional investigations -- the rest of their lives depend on this. That is why Rove is turning his banal flair to the mid-term elections.

But it may be too late. So many things are coming apart so fast. And Rove may yet be indicted for Treasongate. That is why we must be very worried about another war, with Iran, for cover.


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