Monday, April 10, 2006

Make Them See the Truth, Scooter!

If W had good reasons for leaking through Libby, et alia, to Judith Miller, et alia, he could have pre-empted the special prosecutor's investigation before it got started, by taking responsibility, by saying, "I wanted the information out there, so I authorized its release."

But taking responsibility, (never W's first reflex), would have exposed Bush and company to the wrath of the voters. And it would have raised a lot of questions with unflattering answers. So instead he lied, and had his subordinates commit perjury, so the cover would hold until after election day.

So, whenever offered a pseudoconservative talkling point about how "legal" it all was, perhaps one should ask, then why didn't W and his lawyers explain that to the prosecutor before Libby had to lie to them?

PS: Love this picture which I Domeneched from TBogg. He explains, "Dick Cheney sends Scooter after Wilson. Judith Miller provides cover."


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