Thursday, January 05, 2006

Going to a "Town Hall" Tonight.

Food for Thought: Some questions for the Congressmen.

Alice Fisher, a controversially right-wing Bush appointee with no criminal trial experience, a long history as a Bush machine operative, and close personal ties to the Tom Delay defense team, seems to be in charge of the Abramoff case. This is like John Ashcroft, former employer of Karl Rove, investigating the Plame case. Given her lack of experience and obvious conflicts of interest, why are Democrats not calling for her to recuse?

Via Mark Kleiman:

How about offering a motion to expel Tom Delay, and making the Republicans vote for or against considering it? The idea that the Congress should defer to the criminal process in judging its members' misconduct is a Constitutional travesty; the primary responsibility for the integrity of the House rests with the House.

Given that, before the invasion of Iraq, this administration never met a number it couldn’t fudge and tended to fire people like Larry Lindsey and General Shinseki, who made realistic estimates of the war cost, and given that there is a study out today, by a Nobel laureate, which indicates the real cost of the war may be as much as $2 trillion, aren’t the American people owed some realistic accounting?

Why aren’t you people telling the taxpayers that at an absolute minimum you’re spending $100,000 a minute ion Iraq?

Whether the case for war was negligent or fraudulent, it certainly disqualifies its authors from high office. If we allow these people to finish out their terms, leading us into ever deepening folly, won’t this simply tell future Presidents that they can do as they please with no fear of accountability?

Why isn’t “Hold them accountable?” a plank to run on in the mid-term elections?


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