Tuesday, December 20, 2005

America The Pitiful

A Few Random Thoughts on NSA Domestic Surveillance and Related Matters

Only a pathologically earnest and deluded people would subordinate itself to a "Patriot Act" -- a title so redolent of Orwellian correllative ('War is peace!') as to defy belief. If it were accurately termed it would be the "Trading Freedom for Hope of Security Act." Similarly, what kind of people would put their safety in the hands of Homeland (Heimland) Security?

It seems that W, typically, went way out of his way, to tell the country, over and over again, that all the wiretap surveillance Homeland Security was doing was authorized by the courts in warrants, though he knew, because he so ordered, that they were not. It is about time the media wised to the fact that these people lie for practice. This is illustrated, for instance, by the cases of Jessica Lynch, and Pat Tillman; members of this administration can't resist slinging bullshit even when there's no need to, and a down-side to getting caught. W leads by example here, having always lied reflexively, and when caight at it, reflexively issued new lies to cover the old ones. Dear Leader and his minions must get some kind of odd thrill from deception, it feels like power.


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