Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Cretinaceous Era

My cold heart was somewhat warmed by Judge John E. Jones' verdict on the Dover, Pa. "Intelligent" Design case. "Breathtaking inanity," he termed the Christofascists' position. He also noted that all these people trying to inculcate some good Christian values (by wrapping them in moronic fairy tales) weren't above lying and perhaps perjuring in the name of having your children taught their superstitions at your expense. I mean, Jesus woulda. Or maybe not, since he was sometimes given to spouting off about how "The truth shall set you free."

The reportedly conservative, Republican judge also called the legal crusade for creationism in the classroom an "utter waste" of the school district's money and resources. Ouch. Maybe that's why the assholes who brought it about were, to a person, bounced by the voters of their district last November. This is perhaps the most fun legal opinion since a judge drop kicked Fox and O'Reilly through the goalposts of life, calling their claim to the "Fair and balanced" motto "wholly without merit." Al Franken, who won that lawsuit, said the latter phrase could perhaps serve as Fox's new motto.


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