Thursday, December 22, 2005

Democracy Is a Muscle-Powered Passion

Here's an idea: July 4, 2006, why not convene people for a huge "Hold Them Accountable/Impeach Bush and Cheney Demonstration" on the Washington Mall? What better way to celebrate rejection of King George's rule? Ideally this would include music by the right people, serious speakers like Alan Dershowitz, John Conyers, Robert Byrd, Howard Dean, exhibits/presentations on the Florida vote manipulation, Ohio/Diebold, Enron's and Big Oil's Energy Policy Colloquium with Cheney, sweetheart deals by the FCC, the botched defense of New York and Washington, the botched, outsourced invasion of Afghanistan, the fraudulent/negligent case for the Iraq Fiasco, NSA spying, Plame, Abramoff's GOP slush fund, Padilla, torture, secret prisons, environmental atrocities, and many many more. If enough people come, the MSM won't be able to ignore the issues and the passion. Nor will the electorate. Nor will the politicians running for election. It might put some spine in the Vichycrats and some daylight between the Repuritans and President Bunnypants. We need symbols, memes, and spectacle to get this done. Maybe we should all wear orange. If it worked for the Ukraine maybe, just maybe it's not too late for a stagnant backwater like the U.S.


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