Saturday, December 03, 2005

Bubble Boy III

Reading the Washington Post A-section today is an appalling reminder of another aspect of W's bubble-boy existence. He is like a real life version of Minority Report's pre-crime psychics -- the ones who live in the sensory deprivation tanks and so pick up on the vibes of crimes about to happen. It is somehow related to W's historical Anti-Midas touch, which causes everything he handles to turn to shit; but it sure seems like virtually anybody he approves of is an overrated mediocrity and a lying scumbag -- a defendant just waiting for his indictment. In today's news we have: Alito disowning his own writing, DeLay getting too radioactive for even the GOP, Cunningham turning states' evidence for being clumsy where DeLay was slick, the EPA slanting evidence to favor the Clear Skies Scam, the Justice Department denying that it overruled itself illegally in the Texas redistricting, the Rove Team spinning Turdblossom's perjuries desperately, Rice announcing her offensive to sell torture in secret prsions to our European allies ('We're doing it for you.'), a denial that we're trying to overthrow the leftists in Venezuela, and the fact that we're no more secure today than we were on Sept. 10th, 2001, despite the War President's best efforts. That's just one day's section A.

It is as Michael O'Hare, and Mark Schmitt rightly observe, "Rovism: every institution must be corrupted to achieve maximum political effect for the Dear Leader. "


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