Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Guilty As Charged!

Actual proof that Jonah Goldberg is right! Liberals are fascists. The Lobbyist lives in a building in the most brie-eating, chardonnay-swilling, Obama-loving, torture-hating neighborhood probably in the the whole Universe, and the epicenter of all this Prius-driving DC godlessness is probably The Lobbyist's own building where Republicans would be spat on if they ever came around wearing their party armbands, or if the liberals who live there weren't just basically too nice, whichever. But anyway -- visitors to this building will be confronted at the front door with numerous actual (well, sculptural, but nonetheless overt and unmistakable) fasces such as the one depicted here. So there! Liberal Fascism, QED.

I'm inwardly thrilled! I'm going over to the Lobbyist's place tonight and we'll gleefully plot up some taxing and spending. maybe some gay marrying and gun confiscation too. Maybe the Bin Ladens next door will join us for roast Christian!


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