Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Keeping Abreast of Events

I'm thrilled at the newsflash: Miss California, Defender of Opposite-Sex Marriage, will keep her crown, despite having posed for lots and lots of seminude photos. The question arises, would she have kept her crown had she not been involved in this controversy. I've gotta admit, I liked her look, as intanced here, better before the implants.

In other news, the Philadelphia Inquisitioner is giving noted war-criminal John Yoo a regular gig as a columnist. It's one thing for a paper to pretend we didn't torture lots of people to death so Dick Cheney could feel all manly, (to deliberately ignore crimes); it's another thing when you actually give one of the criminals a job on your "newspaper" so he can influence the national discourse on his possible prosecution. That's getting into real banana republic territory.
In other news, the "Justice" Department of Barack Obambast has renewed its threat to withold lifesaving counterterrorism intelligence from our British allies, if British authorities reveal in court,as they are legally obliged to, the details of torture a British citizen suffered at Gitmo. Obama and Holder are really looking good for inclusion on Black Rushmore -- right up there with Colin, Clarence and Condi.


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