Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Vapors

God only knows how long it's been a sight gag: some elephantine dowager, misunderstanding completely, feels menaced by some hapless nebbish, whom she beats to a pulp while loudly proclaining herself assaulted. The Marx brothers surely did this one, and this was reprised by Looney Tunes, and also by the Coen brothers in Miller's Crossing, the truest movie ever made about American politics and operators therein. But I am constantly reminded of this gag by the suited White Guys who wax so ariatic in hymns to their own victimhood. We're so downtrodden, so threatened by women, queers, colored folk, Islamofascists, atheists, and worst, deadliest of all: academics.

Such vapors Assrocket the boys have.


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