Monday, January 07, 2008

Kristoltag: Expanding the Axis of Drivel

Today Little Willie Kristol debuted at The Times, and promptly stepped in it, misattributing a key quote to racist shithead Michelle Malkin, when it was really some other brownshirt. Other than that, his first column...basically stank the place up. It held at least one egregious cliche per paragraph "a nation turns its grateful eyes to you...inquiring minds want to know..." and contains a blatantly counterfeit vignette complete with gee-willikers dialect:

I was watching the debate at the home of a savvy, moderately conservative New Hampshire Republican. It was at this moment that he turned to me and said: “You know, I’ve been a huge skeptic about Huckabee. I’m still not voting for him Tuesday. But I’ve got to say — I like him. And I wonder — could he be our strongest nominee?”
Tom Tomorrow does the best commentary on this in Salon, a cartoon of a buffoon.


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