Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kampus Konservatives R Kool.

Increasingly, it seems that the Republican party has devolved into a catch-basin for the nation’s sociopaths, either that or a sort of life-coach, cult-marketing group for the sociopathic style. One strong mark of this is the way its core white males, near frenzied with ressentiment, allow their despotic sense of entitlement to go supernova; not satisfied with the relatively fine hand history has dealt them, and constitutionally incapable of owning their self-authored discontents, they want, as the philosopher Mick Jagger put it, “everything in the world you can possibly imagine,” including, or even especially, a claim of victimhood. For example: Francisco Nava, who until recently was on track to granduate from Princeton in '09. He's apparently a right-wing anti-sex activist. His recent whack-job jeremiad against Princeton's free condom program didn't really get him the attention he wanted, but he he claimed it had gotten him assaulted by black-masked liberals. Bret Hume went on Pox News to decry the injustice of this attack, not bothering to note the news that Nava had confessed to faking the whole thing.
Nava is at the undergraddy twit end of the campus crybaby spectrum. Coming soon, the faculty version.


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