Thursday, December 06, 2007

Oval Office Circle Jerk

Mission Accomplished

What sanctimonious wet-dream ecstasies must have been
that September, when they realized the freak which had
stunned the country would let them get away with everything,
like date-rapes perpetrated in a frat-house crapulous blackout.
The pusillanimous press would instantly, retroactively forget,
(not only no longer knowing, now knowing nobody knows)
forget Florida, forget the Pet Goat Moment, the impostor’s
obvious mediocrity. How certain we can be of Oval Office
circle-jerks, the innermost ring trading verbal high fives,
the ugly struggle of their dime-store minds and shop-clerk
courage to find expressions commensurate with their
imagined gravitas. Imagine the manslaughtering laughter
at their manifold slanders of much better men than them.
With what pluperfect power-drunk smugness did they find
signs of destiny made manifest in highly intelligent design,
find the time ripe to completely sweep away feeble decency
and obsolete law, to bugle in triumph of Mighty Righteousness.


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