Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Keep It Simple Stupid

Harry Reid, in his response to Bush's speech today (which speech lays the groundwork for cutting and running from his Iraquagmire before the 2006 elections usher in an impeachment Congress) rightly criticizes the tired old rhetoric and the dearth of insight an ideas. But he ends with the lame new Vichycrat slogan, "We can do better."

If there is to be real reform, if American democracy is to revive from its slide into banana-Republican, the soulless greedheads of the right must be thoroughly investigated, their offenses throughly documented, and where possible prosecuted and punished. The perpetrators must be forever removed from ppwer and influece. America cannot be governed as long as these murderous hatemongers can do as they wish with impunity. The first job of any officeholder now to "Hold them accountable." Nothing less will restore American honor and influence.

So, Harry, repeat after me, "Hold them accountable."


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