Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Butchiness of W

I recall being in a small hair-cuttery down in the Ole South, two summers ago when they were holding hearings about Abu Grahib. Somebody on TV was maundering on about how maybe, just maybe, some ever-so-slight portion of the blame might be properly assigned to members of the High Command and one of the redneckette hairdressers was deeply stung. "Why won't they let my Georgie alone?" she lamented for the general benefit, in a tone that suggested both mother-love and schoolgirl infatuation.

It seems to me now that the 33% that still approves of George W and the Heckuva Job he's doing must be similarly smitten. And I most emphatically dn't just mean the women. I don't really think that many of the male Freepers and Dittoheads consciously want to suck W's cock but the level of denial that they manifest about the man can only be generated in the mystico-erotic lobe. And indeed, no prom princess was ever so blind about her date rapist, as the Bush fan is about W.

Indeed, the passion that marks the Cultist's devotion has to be somehow tied into the libido. I think W must somehow titillate their contrarian ganglia, in a way perhaps analogous to the androgynous appeal, in their day, of Bowie, Jagger, Lennon et cetera. It's worth at least noting, as others have, that the attack dogs of the Cult are quite often the guys who missed the Sixties, because they were too young, too chicken, or because its long-haired ambiguity and uninhibited sexuality threatened them. They couldn't really own up to their confused feelings for the superstars of the day, so they went with Dad and Mom's idea of entertainment.

But their repressed tendencies have found a focus in the boy-prince, and his "butchiness." They like his mode of dress-up, the something very "drag" about W's love of costumes (flight suits. cowboy boots, etc) and his nitwitted, transparently phony macho poses. He hangs out on his ranch, but given his cheerleader, chickenhawk, suburbanite history and predelictions, his cowboy act is as campy as that ten-gallon guy in the Village People.

It's not entirely clear what the connection is between Bush-love and homophobia is, but clearly there is one because his base really gets excited when Bush gets tough (in carefully coded "values" language) on queers. Could it be just a little bit of closet hypercompensation by people too sheltered and troubled and conflicted to deal with the fuzzy feelings Der Leader gives them?


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